Scandinavian Design

​Finland is one of the top countries that has high or good standard of life quality. Finnish art is influenced by the Skandinavian character, thus it has its own specialties in the form of simplicity, color and sustainability. Quality and high standard of making  in goods are crucial. For this reason, its value may be high.

Special arrangements
​​We can provide special arrangements for you to get to know and experience more of Finnish traditions and culture in your visit depending on the season.

Your trip in Finland would not only consist of fantastic pictures of our city icons and nature, but also you would get valuable and inspiring experience, once you happen to try locals' activities.



​​Finland has much great traditions and cultures - that mostly are close to nature - in every seasons of the year. Sauna, a walk in a forest, trekking, skiing in the snow, summer picnic by the lake or beach, as well as the tradition in foods.

People in Finland would have particular foods according to the on-going season.

In autumn-winter, we would have our seasonal pastries and drinks which usually taste sweet with the touch of cinnamon and ginger. During spring-summer 

we do activities outdoor much such as food grilling outdoor as the same time enjoying the warmth of the sun. Interesting activities in summer, is that we have corps of different kinds of berries from the forest that we can get free from the nature. They are strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. From the berries we make berry pies and other berry based-pastries in summer.

Pinara Suomindo

​​Tour and Event Organizer

Helsinki, Finland